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Sex and the City

Posted in Movies with tags on June 12, 2008 by dialgforgerald

You know how guys force their girlfriends to watch their geeky films with all their special effects and explosions and in the end the girls somehow enjoy it? Watching Sex and the City is kind of like that except without the enjoying it in the end part. To be fair there were some funny moments but this is overshadowed by the unreasonable behavior ($500 for shoes? throwing away your cellular phone?) and overall cheesiness of the film. Heck, if they replaced the four girls with four guys they would’ve gone out, got their asses drunk and the film will be over in 1 hour. Even my girlfriend who is a big fan of the series was rolling her eyes (on a side note she made the movie much more tolerable). I am sure most women will love the film but most men will surely cringe in their seats.