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What a Loser

Posted in Comics with tags , , on May 8, 2008 by dialgforgerald

It really is unclear when Marvel turned Spider-Man from a responsible adult into a loser (oh wait…) but this reaction from Aunt May, after Peter declares that he is moving out, says it all. I know Spidey should be an underdog, but what the hell. Before we know it Spidey is going to go all emo on us like Daredevil.

If the goal of One More Day was to introduce a villain who’s a drug addict and turn Peter Parker into a loser, then congratulations. Mission accomplished.


Avengers Movie Being Assembled by Marvel

Posted in Comics, Movies with tags , , , , , on May 6, 2008 by dialgforgerald

Just in case you missed the hints in the Iron Man movie (which is awesome by the way) or you think the Avengers movie everybody is so excited about is mere speculation, you best be ready for more awesomeness because this morning Marvel decided to squash all rumors about possible movies in the future:

Marvel this morning released its First Quarter 2008 numbers this morning, and along with them, news that officially, an Iron Man sequel is slated for 2010 along with Thor, and two “Avenger-themed” movies in summer of 2011: Captain America (May) and The Avengers (July).

It’s amazing how Marvel has all of these movies planned through 2011 culminating in one big Avengers movie. Meanwhile, DC can’t even get a freaking Wonder Woman or Green Lantern movie off the ground. This is so frustrating because DC has some really awesome properties in their hand and they can’t do shit with them. Better shape up DC.