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Joss Whedon Should Write Spidey

Posted in Comics with tags , , , on June 14, 2008 by dialgforgerald

I’ve been reading the current Spider-man title and while some issues have been good it’s obvious that none of the current writers (well, maybe except Dan Slott) have the kind of handle that Joss Whedon has on the character. Whedon perfectly captured Spidey’s voice in Giant Size Astonishing X-men #1and it is the best Spidey I’ve read in a long while. Just check out these awesome panels. Click the images for bigger versions.

I love the expression on that last one the best. Physically impossible but awesome.

I know Joss Whedon’s comics come out ridiculously late and I would probably have children before it comes out but a Whedon-John Cassaday teamup on Amazing Spider-man would be awesome. Marvel you need to make this happen.