The Philippines’ Own Super Team: The Triumph Division

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In Invincible Iron Man #2, the Philippines was revealed to have its own super team: The Triumph Division.

It’s bad enough that they were named after an underwear line or that the leader is patterned after cockfighting or that they have someone patterned after a mongoose when I had no idea there was any in the Philippines, but now they’re also…DUN DUN DUN DUN…


Filipino superheroes as cannon fodder? Nice. Sure, it was a good issue and Fraction’s writing is as good as ever and that Wishing Man concept is quite interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel that the heroes were created with very little research. Heck, there’s someone who looks like he uses Muay Thai to fight and only Robin Padilla’s children practice that sport in here.

Anyway if they are ever serious with this Triumph Division and are planning a return I hope they could do a little more research and try to mine Philippine mythology or history because there are a lot of gems in there. Or they could acquire all of Mars Ravelos’ creation and stop networks from butchering them.


Boston Celtics 1984 Celebration

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Crowd rushing into the court. Check.

Naked guy standing on the basket. Check.

General Manager dissing the other team. Check.

This may just be the best championship celebration ever. Too bad we won’t see anything like it again because players and GMs are too friendly with each other and fans don’t rush to the court anymore except to attack opposing players.

Best X-Men News of the Week

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You know how sometimes you are just attached to a certain character and nobody knows why? Well, that character would be Iceman for me. Heck, whenever I played X-Men: Children of the Atom, I only chose Iceman. Maybe it’s because of the Spider-man and Friends cartoon which I always watched as a kid but Iceman always had a special place in my heart.

And now looks like Marvel is finally loving him back.

NRAMA: Fair enough. Nick, who will be some of the key players featured in the X-Men: Manifest Destiny mini-series?

Nick Lowe: X-Men: Manifest Destiny will be structured somewhat like X-Men: Divided We Stand with one key difference—There will be one story that has chapters in each issue. That story centers around one of the first X-Men, Iceman. Other characters are Karma, Colossus, Mercury…

NRAMA: What information can you release in regards to creators involved with the mini-series?

NL: Mike Carey is writing the Iceman portions. There are many artists, but Humberto Ramos is going to do the covers.

NRAMA: Is Iceman a neglected character? Bobby Drake has always been this guy on the verge of breaking out of an ancillary role–then a regime change occurs and he falls back down a rung or two on the ladder of importance. Care to discuss?

NL: A lot of it has to do with his character. He’s never been the guy to stand up and take the reins. He’s the wiseacre. A lot of the reasons for him not taking center stage is that, I don’t think he wants it. Will that change? Well, he has been going through a lot in the last year.

You mean Iceman is the lead in Manifest Destiny? Sweet. Mike Carey writing it? Nice. Looks like I’m going to get hooked on X-Men again.

Red Auerbach Hates Floppers

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Red Auerbach is more awesome than I thought. I know he won something like 10,000 NBA championships but what I really admire him for is his love for the game and his hatred for, well, let’s just say that if he was alive, Red and Manu won’t be the best of friends.

Final Crisis #1

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So it’s finally here but does it live up to the hype? For the most part, yes. As far as opening issues go, this is as good as it gets.

Let’s get the easy things out of the way first. J.G. Jones’ art is awesome. There’s no other way to describe it. Imagine the 52 covers only every panel is like that. Awesome. Whether it’s a multiversal orrery or some dark street alley Jones’ art shines.

On to the writing. The are only two problems I really have with this issue. First, it’s not very accessible to readers who are not very familiar with the DCU. I mean it’s nothing a little googling cannot fix but for an event trying to get new readers on board that’s not really the way to go. Second, characters seem to have forgotten stuff that happened in Countdown (which may not be that bad. I want to forget Countdown happened too). Everybody saw Orion fight Darkseid and now everybody’s surprised he’s dead?

Otherwise this issue is very well-written, original and compelling, setting up various plots and giving the reader the feeling that something big is about to happen (And if you’ve read most of Morrison’s comics he actually starts slow then bombards you with so much awesome. Seriously, read his JLA run). I also like how Grant Morrison really captures each character’s voice. Here is someone getting angry and somehow before you even proceed to the next panel, you know that it’s Green Arrow.

Speaking of which..

J’onn. 😦

The Minutemen

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Here’s a picture of The Minutemen from the Watchmen movie and as always it’s looking good. You can also click it for a bigger version.

The Minutemen

Based on Zack Snyder’s attention to detail and respect for the source material alone, we have a potentially special movie here. After all, for a material as complex and richly detailed as Watchmen, half the fun in reading it is catching the symbolism and the little details scattered throughout. I’m still cautiously optimistic but so far I like what I’m seeing.

All that’s missing now is Dr. Manhattan’s picture and the main cast is complete.

Scott Pilgrim is Going to be a Movie

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In continuation of the current trend of Hollywood mining comic books for stories, Scott Pilgrim is going to make its way to the big screen. Scott Pilgrim starts like any teenage love story, with Scott falling in love with Ramon Flowers. But to date Ramona he must battle her seven evil ex-boyfriends. So yeah, it’s just like any teenage love story, only with a whole lot more fighting and leveling up.

So I decided to finally get to reading the comic book after I heard of the movie. Needless to say the comic kicked ass. The only think people might complain about is the lack of colors and the childlike drawing but even that worked quite well and it looked like a conscious choice by the creator to utilize the technique and not as a result of lack of talent. It kinda reminds me of Blankets which also lacked colors but made up for it with awesome characterization and emotion. Scott Pilgrim is more over the top though so don’t expect the clean line work and dramatic moments from Blankets. If anything, the line work in Scott Pilgrim is representative of the kind of balls to the wall action you can expect from this comic. There are also lots of tidbits and references which geeks will enjoy.

Also, in a bit of inspired casting Michael Cera will play Scott Pilgrim. Nice.

Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim

Michael Cera has proven that he can play awkward in Juno and I have seen him in some over the top moments in Arrested Development so I think he’ll do a good job.

And now for some even better news, Die Hard hottie Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing Ramona. She even looks a little like the character.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers

She played quite a rebel in Die Hard but I have my doubts if she can pull off the fighting because all she did in Die Hard is get captured. At least we’re sure that she can play hostage and she’s hot.

Watch out for this movie. If it’s half as good as the comic, it’s going to be awesome.