Joss Whedon Should Write Spidey

I’ve been reading the current Spider-man title and while some issues have been good it’s obvious that none of the current writers (well, maybe except Dan Slott) have the kind of handle that Joss Whedon has on the character. Whedon perfectly captured Spidey’s voice in Giant Size Astonishing X-men #1and it is the best Spidey I’ve read in a long while. Just check out these awesome panels. Click the images for bigger versions.

I love the expression on that last one the best. Physically impossible but awesome.

I know Joss Whedon’s comics come out ridiculously late and I would probably have children before it comes out but a Whedon-John Cassaday teamup on Amazing Spider-man would be awesome. Marvel you need to make this happen.


11 Responses to “Joss Whedon Should Write Spidey”

  1. I so agree to the fullest extent. But all the projects he’s on right now i doubt it would happen. Plus with Brand New Day running right now, he couldn’t start a new title till that’s settled. I’d much rather Whedon start a Spidey title where he could completely warp Spidey’s life like he did with astonishing, and not follow the already planned plot of Brand New Day. But if I had genie, I’d make that happen so quick haha.

  2. Rosen Toshkov Says:

    Totaly agree !!
    I think Joss is amazing writer .. I love Astonishing X-men and most of his work , but I don’t think it will happend soon ’cause Joss is busy with Dollhouse and doctor Horrible’s sing-along blog and etc . But the idea is good .

  3. I agree whole heartedly. However, I would rather see Joss take a stint on Ultimate Spider-man instead. Joss is the master of teen-speak and this would be a better forum. Of course, any Spider-man would be fantastic.

  4. Astonishing X-Men is one of the best comics i have ever read. and i think Joss could really do something good for the comic. Its bad enough that latest movie was a bummer, but the comics took a turn for the worse. One More Day was just plain dumb, and Brand New Day hasent really gone anywhere. All Marvel did was regress their charecter back to square one because they are out of iedas.

  5. TromaFreak64 Says:

    It’s not unrealistic to think Joss could write an arc in Spiderman — the way its done right now and planned for the future with different artist and writers to come and go on a 3 arc story, he could pull it off. I mean due to brand new day, the way I understand it, the writers are given where the story must get, but he could create something interesting to accomplish that. In fact it seems more realistic that he appear in the Brand New Day than him to have written previously. Plus since it would likely be a 3 issue arc he could pull it off despite his busy schedule.

    I mean he was done with Astonishing X-men way before it came out — he’s been done for a good while, Cassidy was behind. Not clear what has happened with runaways though.

  6. Blue Gloves Says:

    No…Joss should not write the next Spiderman movie…too much corporate drama. Remember Wonder Woman and Fantastic Four??? What a waste of Joss’ time and effort as well as ours, as his fans. All that good will, for nothing???

    However, Joss should write his own original super hero line and spawn one of the books off into a movie that he will have the exclusive rights to write and direct, any movie or movies, that are based upon his creations.

  7. after spiderman 2 i lost all faith and hope i ever laid upon the our good ol’ neighborhood spiderman. but hopefully if this writer is as badass as you claim he is and marvel finally gets their britches on straight about this awesome franchise spidey might be in for a comeback

  8. Blue Gloves Says:

    I see that you are talking about a comic book, not a movie??? Well, perhaps Joss should do it, Spidy I mean, and perhaps him later doing a stint on Batman and Superman would be nice in order to further-up his credentials in comics…but ultimately, perhaps, simultaniously, he should start his own comics line and make a movie based upon his own work, and the characters therein…not that of others, as I have previously suggested…so he, and we, won’t experience another Wonder Woman Fantastic Four or X-Men fiasco…as Joss famously worked on all of those movies but was betrayed by the studios each time!!!

  9. Sword of Sutekh Says:

    Spider-Man’s dialogue might have been good for the few panels that he appeared, but does that mean Joss should be considered as a writer for Amazing Spider-Man? It’s easy to see a good portrayal of a character and make that leap, but I’m not certain it’s that simple.

    It wouldn’t be a few panels, but instead a series, which includes not only Spider-Man, but a solid cast of supporting characters, including one of the most noteworthy rogues galleries in comics. The fans would expect it to be both top class and on time, which has apparently been a challenge for him recently. It might be worth the wait if he was doing a mini-series, but ASM is published three times a month.

    As much as I hate saying it, Joss also has a problem with cookie-cutter characters. I am a big fan of Buffy, but it seemed to me that Kitty Pryde channeled a little too much of her in his writing. What are the odds that Spider-Man would become a little too much like Xander?

    I’m not trying to put Joss down, but perhaps he wrote those characters for a little too long and now its too easy for him to go back to them. I doubt it’s intentional. On the contrary, I believe he does it subconsciously, but its something that I feel needs to be addressed.

  10. I doubt Whedon could write a series right now. Perhaps a 3-issue arc would be more appropriate. I haven’t watched Buffy so I wouldn’t know about Joss subconsciously channeling those characters but the voice of Spidey and Kitty, actually everybody’s voice seem perfectly fit for the characters.

    But yeah, I agree it would be late as hell. I’m still waiting for the next issue of Runaways.

  11. After reading everyone’s comments, I’m going to reiterate that I think Joss would be fantastic on USM. Afterall, he would be writing the voices of Peter, Mary Jane and *Kitty*! I just hope that ShadowCat makes it back from space and doesn’t like become the next herald of Galactus or some such.

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