The Philippines’ Own Super Team: The Triumph Division

In Invincible Iron Man #2, the Philippines was revealed to have its own super team: The Triumph Division.

It’s bad enough that they were named after an underwear line or that the leader is patterned after cockfighting or that they have someone patterned after a mongoose when I had no idea there was any in the Philippines, but now they’re also…DUN DUN DUN DUN…


Filipino superheroes as cannon fodder? Nice. Sure, it was a good issue and Fraction’s writing is as good as ever and that Wishing Man concept is quite interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel that the heroes were created with very little research. Heck, there’s someone who looks like he uses Muay Thai to fight and only Robin Padilla’s children practice that sport in here.

Anyway if they are ever serious with this Triumph Division and are planning a return I hope they could do a little more research and try to mine Philippine mythology or history because there are a lot of gems in there. Or they could acquire all of Mars Ravelos’ creation and stop networks from butchering them.

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