Best X-Men News of the Week

You know how sometimes you are just attached to a certain character and nobody knows why? Well, that character would be Iceman for me. Heck, whenever I played X-Men: Children of the Atom, I only chose Iceman. Maybe it’s because of the Spider-man and Friends cartoon which I always watched as a kid but Iceman always had a special place in my heart.

And now looks like Marvel is finally loving him back.

NRAMA: Fair enough. Nick, who will be some of the key players featured in the X-Men: Manifest Destiny mini-series?

Nick Lowe: X-Men: Manifest Destiny will be structured somewhat like X-Men: Divided We Stand with one key difference—There will be one story that has chapters in each issue. That story centers around one of the first X-Men, Iceman. Other characters are Karma, Colossus, Mercury…

NRAMA: What information can you release in regards to creators involved with the mini-series?

NL: Mike Carey is writing the Iceman portions. There are many artists, but Humberto Ramos is going to do the covers.

NRAMA: Is Iceman a neglected character? Bobby Drake has always been this guy on the verge of breaking out of an ancillary role–then a regime change occurs and he falls back down a rung or two on the ladder of importance. Care to discuss?

NL: A lot of it has to do with his character. He’s never been the guy to stand up and take the reins. He’s the wiseacre. A lot of the reasons for him not taking center stage is that, I don’t think he wants it. Will that change? Well, he has been going through a lot in the last year.

You mean Iceman is the lead in Manifest Destiny? Sweet. Mike Carey writing it? Nice. Looks like I’m going to get hooked on X-Men again.


3 Responses to “Best X-Men News of the Week”

  1. cool! I felt Iceman and Angel didn’t have great roles lately. Angel’s bladed wings are back in X-Force.

    Not looking forward to the art though. Humberto would probably do it cartoony. boooo!

  2. He’s only doing the covers so it should be fine. 😀

  3. Nice, I’ve always had a soft spot for Iceman too. I guess i just identified with him. The wisecracking underachiever who has so much potential but never goes out and gets it because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

    Actually kung iisipin mo, para siyang si Rasheed Wallace!

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