Avengers Movie Being Assembled by Marvel

Just in case you missed the hints in the Iron Man movie (which is awesome by the way) or you think the Avengers movie everybody is so excited about is mere speculation, you best be ready for more awesomeness because this morning Marvel decided to squash all rumors about possible movies in the future:

Marvel this morning released its First Quarter 2008 numbers this morning, and along with them, news that officially, an Iron Man sequel is slated for 2010 along with Thor, and two “Avenger-themed” movies in summer of 2011: Captain America (May) and The Avengers (July).

It’s amazing how Marvel has all of these movies planned through 2011 culminating in one big Avengers movie. Meanwhile, DC can’t even get a freaking Wonder Woman or Green Lantern movie off the ground. This is so frustrating because DC has some really awesome properties in their hand and they can’t do shit with them. Better shape up DC.


3 Responses to “Avengers Movie Being Assembled by Marvel”

  1. DC has so much to answer for, and top of my list includes: 1) releasing that stupid Catwoman movie, 2) Superman IV and i don’t even want to talk about this, and 3)having Lex as the villain YET AGAIN in Superman Returns. Wala na bang ibang kalaban si Superman?

    We deserve Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. And JLA. Maski na World’s Finest man lang.

    (Carlo gave me your URL. And yes, I’m also a frustrated DC fan. Final Crisis na!)

  2. dialgforgerald Says:

    Wow, it’s nice to find another DC fan. 😀

    That said, I’d rather have a JLA done right than one that is rushed. But having no Wonder Woman, Green Lantern or Flash is just inexcusable. I’d settle for Superman/Batman too.

    And yes, I think Final Crisis is going to be awesome. You can’t go wrong with Grant Morrison.

  3. Squid says : I absolutely agree with this !

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