Could DC Lose Superman?

I just feel weird that it hasn’t made too much news so I decided to blog about this. Everybody knows that the Man of Steel is associated with DC Comics, but with a recent ruling giving 50% of all U.S. copyrights on Superman products, things just got interesting. There are a lot of questions really. What if the Siegels sell their half to Marvel? What if Superman enters the public domain? But what is confirmed is that I am in no way qualified to voice out my opinion on legal technicalities (except this: would it hurt WB to just settle with the Siegels and get good PR along with it?) so read these interesting Newsarama articles instead:

Superman of Two Worlds

Can the Siegels Sell Superman to Marvel?

Will DC Lose Superman?

What I can talk about though is comics and I recommend that everyone read Action Comics, which is awesome, and Superman, once Kurt Busiek goes away because his Superman stuff has been awful.


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